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Welcome to Radista, web presentation of radio and other telecommunication equipment used in former Yugoslav People's Army from 1945 to 1991.
Dear friends, this website describes military telecommunication equipment made in former Yugoslav factories, from the end of the Second World War, 1945, to the collapse of Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia), 1991. These telecommunication equipment have been part of arms and equipment ofYugoslav Army, and later, from 22nd December 1951, Yugoslav People's Army as well as Territorial Defense and lesser Police.

Paratroops Yugoslav Peoples ArmyWe have, also, partly described some telecommunication equipment used during the World War II on this territory and kept as war prize, as well as foreign wireless equipment obtained as military help or bought on the market and inserted in equipment of Yugoslav People's Army telecommunication units.

The site primarily elaborates mobile radio devices, but we, also, gave a lot of space to mobile radio-relay and telephone-telegraph devices, because they together make integral mobile military telecommunication system.

The time period that is covered with this analyze can be roughly divided on period up to 1960, when Yugoslav Army, in its equipment, hade almost completely signal resources captured during the war, or equipment that was generously donated by United States of America. Yugoslavia was accepted readily this Radio operatorshelp because of the conflict with Soviet Union, from 1948, on the score of famous Inform-biro Resolution. It was, also, negotiated about its inclusion into Western Alliance. It could be said that Yugoslav Army at that time had standard NATO military equipment and arms. After the “pacification” with Soviet Union Yugoslav Peoples Army imported part of the equipment from USSR (radio-teleprinter system of medial and great power, and with amour vehicles arrived Russian tank-radio-devices). In domestic factories was started proper production of less complex instruments: Morse device, field inductor telephone PTI-49, exchange line MP-10, field cables etc.

Scaut of Yugoslav People's ArmyAfter 1960, according to “general people defense” concept of that time, and relying on own potency, for production of arms and military equipment are engaged domestic potentials of military industry. In that period of time, most of devices presented here were created. The greater part of it was completely domestic product and components its self were constructed in that time Yugoslavia (electronic valves, semiconductors, crystals and crystal filters, condensers and resistors etc.). Factories of dedicated industry were also exporting those devices and communication equipment worldwide. Part of communication equipment, during this period, was produced according to license or it was imported, but all reparations and reconditioning were accomplished in own maintenance shops and repair offices.

This is unprofitable web site made from desire to keep this from forgetting. All former soldiers, professional soldiers or some other persons who have been in signal units in Yugoslav People's Army, police or other engagement, as well as engineers and military industry workers will remember of equipment they use to constructed, produced, worked on and maintained. Radio-amateurs and all other peoples interested in military technique can find lot of material on telecommunication equipment, produced in former Yugoslav factories during almost half a century.

All information were given by remembrance and data captured from friends and colleagues. Thank you in advance for all suggestions and corrections.

Write: Radista Web Team

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