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scheme EI Nis Flamingo
« poslato: 27.06.2015. 13:44 »

I am a romanian radio-amateur and one friend of mine gave me a radio produces by EI Nis.
The radio is called Flamingo, and it contains gramofon and it is built with transistors.

I would like to ask you if you have schematic for EI Nis Flamingo, since it has some problems at audio amplifier and 49m band and I would like to restore it.

I am sorry, but I don't know to much serbian language.



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Odg: scheme EI Nis Flamingo
« Odgovor #1 poslato: 30.06.2015. 10:02 »

Hello,I have schematic you looking for and I am ready to post it for you.In order to proceed send me your email address to my email (email can bee seen in my profile details)...
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