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I want to know which model headset or audio connectors using the rup-15.
to buy a few
Greetings and thank you very much


Rup 15 use MK-1 type handset that is  the same type of handset used for RUP-12, RUP-2, RUP-2/2,  RUP-2/2K, and many other type of radios used by Yugoslavian army. It use carbon microphone insert, and dynamic spreaker with impedance of about 120 ohm DC. Same speaker is used for headphones. 2 of this speaker are conected I believe in paralel for headset. These are just the headset with no PTT switch and microphone. Carbon microphone on original handset can be easy replaced with dynamic with just a feew component added (transistor, 2 capacitors, and resistor). It use standard 7 pin bayonet type connector whoose pins are marked with number 1-7.

1- GND
2- PTT
3- not connected
4- Microphone
5- not connected
6- speaker
7- not connected (or serves as aditinal ground on some radios)

PTT switch is originaly dpdt momentary switch and switch both PTT and microphone (dpst switch can bee used because NC contact of each switch is unused).


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